The CWS Ecosystem is gearing up for an exciting new chapter with the upcoming Ocean’s Origin Event, which marks the start of Season 0. This is a significant milestone for the CWS team as it represents the birth of the entire ecosystem, from the creation of unique ERC-721 NFTs to the token distribution. Season 0 will come to a close once the rewards from The Mangrove Lagoon have been fully distributed, and the Crypto Whale Sharks have swum away from their birthplace.

The Oceans Origin Event NFT Token Mint:

  • The Phase 1 (WL pt1) → Monday March 20th at 12pm noon EST and will last 24hrs.
  • The Phase 2 (WL pt2) → Tuesday March 21th after* 12pm noon EST and will last 24hrs.
  • The Phase 3 (Public Sale) → Wednesday March 22th after* 12pm noon EST and will last until all NFTs have been minted.

*Exact time will fluctuate as each phase will activated before. Limited to 1 per wallet and the limit of total minted is 500 for phase 1 and 500 for phase 2, for a total of 1000 minted total in whitelist. If for any reason the cap is not reached for phase 1, then phase 2 will have an increased limits and the same can be said for the public sale.

The purpose of this whitelist is to gather 1000 unique NFT addresses while ensuring a fair distribution. Initial token distributions often encounter issues such as bots sniping blockchain assets. To prevent this, we are implementing a whitelist mint system so that we give the opportunity of participation to a high number of addresses. While it is unlikely that 1000 addresses will participate in the mint, we want to cap the number of participating addresses to prevent any potential abuse. The involvement of established NFT communities can also help lower the barrier to entry for new participants and leverage their expertise to improve the project over time so this is a huge benefit for our community.

P1 — Dawn of Space, Monos, Pixel Hammies, Top 150 ImgnAI Holders

  • 0.02 ETH (close to $30), 50% Discount, 1 NFT Limit per Wallet, 500 Limit Total NFTs

P2 — RDP, Secret Society of Whales, LobsterDAO, Pudgy Penguins, Sappy Seals

  • 0.02 ETH (close to $30), 50% Discount, 1 NFT Limit per Wallet, 500 Limit Total NFTs**

P3 — Public

  • 0.04 ETH (close to $60), No Discount, Limit 5 per wallet**
  • Limit will depend on the previous phases, if there is enough addresses active during the whitelist the mint # might decrease to 3 NFTs per wallet; and the opposite is also the case if there is only a few mints in WL the limit might increase to 10 per wallet.

The NFT metadata is hidden until the NFTs are completely sold. The NFTs are also non-transferable until the minting is complete to reduce abuse. The reveal and making the tokens transferable will be completed on Thursday 23rd.

Funds raised from the sale of the NFTs will be divided into 80% going into two liquidity pools and the remaining 20% being allocated for developer incentives, art commissions, and deployment. The liquidity pools will be used to provide liquidity for the Zoo and Phyto tokens, which will be distributed to NFT holders as a reward for their participation in the event. The Plankton token will be distributed via these LP tokens.

Season 0 of the CWS Ecosystem is the birth of the project and runs all the way up to the token distribution. The main goal for Season 0 is to slowly start testing the live ecosystem. The CWS team is proceeding with the utmost caution and taking it step by step to ensure that all of the parts are fully functioning. The project is also planning to launch a few more contracts during the Ocean’s Origin, including The Shipwreck Reef, The Mangrove Lagoon, and The Pirates Booty Bay.

The Ocean’s Origin Event is just the beginning of the CWS ecosystem. Season 1 has yet to be announced, and there are many more exciting developments to come.

Minting App

CWS is an experimental nft crypto defi game project built around the concept of marine ecosystems. CWS aims to create a sustainable and community-driven ecosystem for its users. The project allows active users to earn token rewards through token staking, NFT ownership, and more.

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