Our 2222 lovable Whale Shark NFTs have an insatiable appetite for the Plankton token, just like these gentle giants have for wild plankton in the ocean!

At CWS, we know a healthy ecosystem needs a balance between its sea creatures. Our Plankton token is the foundation of our marine-inspired NFT world, and our adorable Whale Shark NFTs protect this delicate balance.

Together, our Plankton token and Whale Shark NFTs create a truly amazing relationship, ensuring a sustainable experience for everyone! Acquire tokens through NFT ownership. Dive in now to swim with the biggest fish in the sea!

At CWS, our marine-inspired NFT ecosystem is composed by a network of smart contracts called the CWS Islets & CWS Habitats. These contracts work together to maintain the balance and sustainability of our ecosystem. Explore the unique features of each Islet and discover how they contribute to the harmony of our vibrant underwater world.

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Disclaimer for The Pirates Booty Bay: you only need to claim the PLNKTON token and the two LP tokens. Do not claim wBTC or wETH since there is very litte in the contract.

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