We are excited to announce our partnership with MOAB — Mother of all Bots.

MOAB is a crypto project dedicated to making Trading Bots for communities like us and we are very excited to be one of the dozens of projects they have partnered with. We believe this partnership is a step in the right direction, and we look forward to what the future holds.

The Kraken Killer is the CWS version of The Flying Dutchman Legend: it’s an intriguing story of a ship captain and his crew who sailed in the Indies, got caught in a storm, and were cursed to roam the seas forever. In the same way, The Kraken Killer roams the ocean to find Krakens to kill. The CWS Bot will work non-stop to generate value and gather liquidity to inject it into the CWS Ecosystem. Eventually, the bot will be completely on-chain and auto-buy Plankton, but for now the buybacks will be manual until we have the resources to make it fully on-chain.

We believe this is a great opportunity for us to fund the bot with token sales and NFT mints, which will increase our crypto and platform liquidity. The generated liquidity will eventually be used to market buy and DCA into the Plankton token in various LP pools, thereby growing protocol liquidity and redistributing the Plankton back into the community via the token contracts.

The distribution plan will depend on the contracts we have deployed at the time of distribution and how much is actually going to be distributed. But the main idea for the plan is to:

  1. Buyback & Burn Plankton
  2. Increase Price Floor of NFTs
  3. Generate Income for the Project
  4. Generate Liquidity Incentives

Before we distribute the CWS Bot profits we have certain milestones we want to achieve so that we can have enough for distribution. Here is a brief overview of how the distribution could look like:

20% of Trading Profit Interest to Partner First

  • CWS Treasury Multisig — 12.5% as ETH
  • Developer Fee — 12.5% as ETH
  • NFT Pirates Booty Bay — 25% as ETH
  • Burn PLNKTON — 12.5% as ETH to the Token Contract
  • Kelp Forest — LP Mining Incentives- 12.5% as PLNKTON
  • NFT Pirates Booty Bay — 12.5% as PLNKTON
  • Single Stake PLNKTON — 12.5% as PLNKTON — The Plankton Sea of Camelot — Deployable via Camelot — TBA — NFT Whitelist Only — Need more people in the first Nitro Pool.
  • GRAIL/PLNKTON — The Coral Castle of Camelot — Deployable via Camelot



Learn more about CWS:

CWS Markets

CWS Twitter Threads

CWS Project TL;DR:

  • The CWS ecosystem is inspired by marine ecosystem with whale sharks as keystone species.
  • Smart contracts and systems used to form cohesive system of tokens, LP tokens, and non-token smart contracts called The CWS Islets or Habitats.
  • Whale Shark NFT token maintains balance and diversity of ecosystem, providing access to specific areas and acquiring the Plankton token.
  • The Plankton token is foundation of ecosystem, generating reflections in the form of wBTC for token holders & generating liquidity.
  • The Shipwreck Reef is an islet contract that distributes ETH from NFT royalties to various parties including NFT token holders.
  • The Pirates Booty Bay is an NFT instant stream contract that incentivizes holding NFTs and creates price floor for CWS NFTs in ETH, PLNKTON and LPs.
  • The Mangrove Lagoon is a NFT vested streaming smart contract that distributes tokens to NFT holders over time.
  • The Wilderness Islets (aka Deep Sea Vaults) are third party services that we use to incentivize liquidity and where CWS NFTs go to filter feed plankton.

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