In the vast ocean of NFT marketplaces, floor prices have traditionally represented the lowest asking price set by NFT owners. However, these floor prices often fail to provide a reliable gauge of an NFT’s value. In this article, we will dive deep into a groundbreaking project called Crypto Whale Sharks (CWS) πŸ‹πŸŒŠ that introduces a revolutionary approach to NFT floors. By backing NFTs with tokens, CWS creates real and tangible floor prices, redefining the concept of NFT valuation.

The Limitations of Current NFT Floors

Within the mesmerizing world of NFT marketplaces, floor prices are typically determined by the lowest price at which an owner is willing to sell. However, these prices often reflect only initial interest and attention, rather than capturing the true value of an NFT. This misleading nomenclature has created a need for a more accurate and transparent approach to floor prices.

Introducing the CWS Ecosystem 🌊🐠🌴

In the Crypto Whale Sharks (CWS) project, NFTs are backed by tokens, ushering in a new era of value assessment. Unlike traditional NFT floors, CWS NFTs hold inherent value through their ability to claim a myriad of tokens, including 🌊🐠 wBTC, wETH, Plankton, and LP tokens. The Plankton token, in particular, generates wBTC reflections for its holders, creating a self-sustaining loop of value within the ecosystem.

Token-Backed NFTs: Redefining Floor Prices 🎨

By anchoring NFTs with tokens, the CWS ecosystem establishes a genuine and robust floor price. Each CWS NFT represents not only its visual appeal but also the value of the tokens it can claim. This unique characteristic ensures that the NFTs themselves possess tangible value, transcending the limitations of mere interest-based floor prices.

Value Multiplication: Token Claiming and Ecosystem Benefits

CWS NFTs swim with the current of value multiplication, as they hold the power to claim various tokens, which exponentially increases their value proposition. By owning a CWS NFT, holders embark on a journey through a diverse range of tokens, including the highly sought-after wBTC and wETH, as well as ecosystem-specific tokens like Plankton and LP tokens. The Plankton token, with its wBTC reflections, enhances the value accumulation potential for NFT holders within the CWS ecosystem.

A Paradigm Shift in NFT Valuation

The CWS project exemplifies a paradisiacal shift in the assessment of NFT floor prices. By submerging NFT value in tokens, CWS ensures that the floor prices are not merely speculative but represent a tangible and tradable treasure. This approach aligns NFT valuation with the serene rhythm of real-world economic principles, offering a more accurate reflection of an NFT’s worth.

Implications and Considerations

The adoption of CWS and token-backed NFTs brings several implications and considerations for the NFT ecosystem:

Rethinking Valuation: The CWS approach challenges the notion of NFT floor prices as mere speculative indicators and instead anchors them to tangible assets, enabling a more accurate valuation of NFTs.

Market Volatility: While NFT floors can still experience fluctuations due to market volatility, the token-backed nature of CWS NFTs ensures that their value is supported by tangible assets and the ongoing benefits within the ecosystem.

Sustainable Practices:Β CWS eliminates the need for unsustainable practices like β€œsweeping the floor” and β€œwash trading” to maintain NFT prices. By enforcing prices on-chain, CWS promotes a more sustainable and transparent approach to valuation.


The concept of NFT floor prices is undergoing a transformative journey, guided by innovative projects like Crypto Whale Sharks (CWS). By redefining floor prices through token-backed NFTs, CWS introduces a new era of valuation that transcends mere interest and attention-based pricing. As the CWS ecosystem continues to evolve, it unfolds like a breathtaking sunset over the horizon, presenting a compelling model for assessing and enhancing the value of NFTs. In this dynamic seascape, the concept of NFT floors is no longer confined to speculative pricing but has become a tangible and tradable treasure trove within.

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